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Try our qr code generator, without signing up you can create non-expiring qr codes that link to websites. If instead, you need a qr code to link to a pdf or file, or a qr code that can be modified over time, please sign up.

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The static qcode are always free and do not have a scale, if instead you have to upload a file or you have to be able to modify the qcode once printed recorded to have one for free! Create your first dynamic Qrcode.

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Once you have generated your QrCode you can download it in the png or svg format. Do you need a link to a file? Subscribe to create links to images or pdfs.


Do you know what is the difference between a static qr code and a dynamic qr code?

Dynamic QR Codes are useful when you need to change the URL or the destination file, an example can be a menu, a price list or the technical manual of a product.

Static Qr code

Static qr codes cannot be changed.

You can enter a website address or wifi network credentials to connect by framing the qr code.

Static QR codes are always free and without limits.
However, you will not be able to change them once they have been created.

Static QR codes do not allow customization or counting of scans performed by users.

Dynamic Qr code

You can change the destination of your qr code, keeping its graphics unchanged.

You can link a dynamic qr code to a url or a pdf, mp3, mov or jpg file.
If you need support for another format, contact our staff in chat!

Dynamic QR Codes have different subscription plans*.
* With the Free plan you can create a free dynamic qr code with up to 100 Scans.

You can customize your qr code in shape and color and keep track of the number of scans.


Subscriptions do not have automatic renewal, you will be notified by email before your subscription expires.



  • 1 QrCode Dynamic
  • Personalized
  • 100 Scans
  • Upload files

/ month

Annual payment

  • 1 QrCode Dynamic
  • Personalized
  • Unlimited Scans
  • Upload files
  • Help
  • Scans count
basic Bestseller

/ month

Annual payment

  • 5 QrCode Dynamic
  • Personalized
  • Unlimited Scans
  • Upload files
  • Help
  • Scans count
  • Custom logo *

/ month

Annual payment

  • 50 QrCode Dynamic
  • Personalized
  • Unlimited Scans
  • Upload files
  • Help
  • Scans count
  • Custom logo *
  • Statistiche avanzate

/ month

Annual payment

  • 100 QrCode Dynamic
  • Personalized
  • Unlimited Scans
  • Upload files
  • Help
  • Scans count
  • Custom logo *
  • Statistiche avanzate
  • Serial creation

An electronic invoice will be issued after payment, you will also receive a courtesy invoice to the email address used during registration

* il logo sarà ottimizzato automaticamente dal nostro sistema per mantenere il qr leggibile. link

Discover all the features of our QR Code creation service.

You can customize your QR Codes by modifying color, shape and style, load the logo of your company and obtain interesting scanning statistics.

statistiche qrcode

Scan statistics

Monitor the trend of your campaigns by consulting the scanning statistics of your QR code. Exclusively with a Pro, business or custom plan, you can access the advanced statistics and carry out in -depth data analysis .

  • Daily scan count for each QR code
  • Information on the type of device used during the scan phase
  • Information on the geographical area of ​​origin of the scanning
  • Customization of the temporal period to be analyzed


By accessing your reserved area you can customize the design of your QR Code to make them more attractive and recognizable and more in line with your brand identity.

  • Upload the company logo: it will be adapted and positioned at the center of your QR code.
  • Choose the color you prefer: from the palette you can select any color you want;
  • Classic or more creative? Choose the style of your code.
  • Give the corners the shape you prefer: they can be squared or round according to your needs.
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protection qrcode

Data protection

Private or sensitive content? With the password tool you can create dynamic QR code with protected scans.

Preserve your content by setting an access code to be inserted at the time of scan of your QR code.

Fai attenzione: chiunque abbia l'url finale del tuo qrcode potrà comunque accedere all'indirizzo senza inserire la password.

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