Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions/answers that users frequently ask

What is a QR Code Generator?

It is a tool used to create different types of QR Codes. The user can create Static QR Codes linked to a website, a PDF, a video on Youtube and much more. If the user must print the QR code and be able to subsequently decide the url address to which it must connect to, he can use a dynamic QR code.

What is a dynamic QR Code?

A dynamic qr code is a qr code to which you can change the destination url or the file to which it is linked to as many times as necessary. A field of application can be that of a restaurant menu that can change often but the qr code that the customer frames must remain the same.

Is it possible to generate a QR code for free?

The free qr code generation includes only static ones, hence, once the qr code has been created it is no longer possible to change it. For dynamic qr codes you will need to subscribe to the platform.

Will the qrcode always be active with the free subscription plan?

The qrcode will be valid up to 100 scans, after 100 it will be disabled, if the qrcode is not scanned for more than 6 months it will be automatically deleted

Is it possible to know how many scans has the qr code received?

It is possible to obtain statistics with a dynamic qr code, the same is not possible with a static qr code.

Are qr codes always active?

Static qr codes are, dynamic ones will not expire as long as your subscription is active

Can I create a dynamic qr code?

Of course, when you sign uo you get 1 dynamic qr code for free. If you need more, subscribe to a plan.

What happens if the subscription expires?

If the subscription expires all your qr codes will be disabled, to re-enable them you will have to renew the subscription.

How is a pdf linked to the qr code displayed?

Viewing the pdf depends on the device, usually iPhone makes it visible directly in the browser, Android instead downloads the file. In order to make documents accessible to everyone, we do not adopt integrated viewers as they often create problems in reading the files.

Is it possible to customize the qrcode with a frame?

No, our service does not include customization with frames, but you can download the vector format and have the frame managed by a graphic designer or ask for our support.